8 Creative Upcycled DIY Fabric Craft Projects

As people become more aware of environmental issues, reusing and recycling items have become increasingly popular. Upcycling is the process of turning old or unused things into something new and useful. This reduces waste and supports sustainability. Fabric is a flexible material that can be reused in different ways. There are many different ways to turn old clothing and fabric scraps into projects that are both beautiful and functional. In this article, we look at eight creative upcycled DIY fabrics that you can make at home.

Fabric Scrap Duvet:

The art of quilting allows you to join different fabrics together to create a beautiful and cozy blanket. Buy some fabrics in different colors and patterns and arrange them in a way that looks good. You can sew the pieces together with a sewing machine or by hand. Then add the batting and base fabric and sew the layers together. This idea not only gives new life to old fabrics, but also creates a unique quilt.

Flower Pots with Fabric Covers:

Cover the pots of your house plants with fabric to make them look more stylish. Choose a piece of fabric that matches the rest of your home’s decor, secure it in place with glue or double-sided tape, and wrap it around the pot. For extra style, you can add things like ties, bows or lace. This project not only adds some color to your home, but also gives an old plant pot a new look.

Reusing Carrier Bags:

Tote bags are useful and good for the environment, making them the perfect item for upcycling fabric crafts. Cut off the front and back of an old T-shirt or shirt, but do not cut off the arms or collar. The bottom is closed with stitches and the handles are reinforced with glue or ribbon. If you want, you can make a stylish and eco-friendly handbag from almost any fabric.

Photo Frame Wrapped with Fabric:

You can add some charm to your interior by placing fabric around old photo frames. Choose a fabric that matches the color of the photo and secure it securely around the frame with glue or staples. You can keep the fabric simple or add links, beads or stitching to make it look more interesting. This project is a fun way to give an old frame a new look and display your favorite memories in a stylish way.

Fabric Scrap Keychains:

Use small pieces of fabric to make cute keychains that you can attach to your bag or keys. Fold pieces of fabric in half and cut them into hearts, stars or animal shapes. Then the pieces are sewn together and filled with stuffing. Just add a small loop of ribbon or string to hang it, and you have a fun and functional accessory that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift.

Craft Coasters:

Reusable fabric coasters are a great way to protect your table and add a pop of color to your decor. To make the project more stable, cut the fabric to the desired size and place it between fusible liners. Sew around the edges to hold the pieces together and prevent them from falling apart. These fabric coasters are not only useful but can also be adapted to any interior.

Clothes Hanger Wrapped with Fabric:

Give your wardrobe a new look by wrapping old wire or plastic hangers in fabric. Cut the strip of fabric long enough so that it goes all the way around the hanger. Then wrap the strip tightly around the hanger and glue or sew the ends together. This item not only makes your hangers look better, it also prevents your clothes from falling to the floor.

Hair Accessories made from Fabric Scraps:

Use scraps of fabric to make fun and unique hair accessories. After cutting small pieces of fabric into strips or shapes, you can use glue or stitches to attach them to bobby pins, barrettes, or headbands. Each item is unique as you can mix and match fabrics to create new patterns and designs. These hair accessories made from old fabric are a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit.


Making crafts from fabric scraps is not only a creative way to reuse old materials, but it is also a sustainable way to reduce waste and support the environment. Upcycled fabric projects can be used for many different purposes, such as making cozy blankets, decorating your home with fabric-covered upholstery or creating stylish accessories. So get out your fabric stash, use your imagination and start making things!


1. Does the transformation of fabric crafts require advanced sewing technology?

Most of these tasks do not require skilled sewing. Some, like fabric-covered planters and picture frames, require little to no sewing. Beginners can develop their sewing skills with projects like scrap quilts or upcycled tote bags. Some crafts offer seamless options and techniques suitable for all skill levels.

2. Where can I obtain fabric scraps for my project?

There were pieces of cloth in many places. Start by searching your closet for outdated clothes, bedding and curtains. Yard sales and thrift stores are other good sources of inexpensive fabric. If you need scraps or rolled tails for a modest project, several fabric stores offer discounts. You may be surprised at what friends and family will discover when they ask if they have any fabric that needs to be thrown away.

3. Are these upcycled fabrics environmentally friendly?

By reusing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, these upcycled fabric processes are good for the environment. By reusing outdated fabrics and fabrics, you can reduce your impact on the environment and promote sustainable craftsmanship. These projects also eliminate the need for new raw materials and reduce environmental impact.

4. Can young people make this fabric art?

Absolute! These projects are great for teaching kids about crafting and upcycling. Key rings, coasters and photo frames made from scrap fabric are great for young people. They learn creativity, basic craftsmanship, recycling and sustainability. Always supervise young children when using scissors or a needle.

5. Can I customize these items to fit my home or style?

It’s great that craft ideas from upcycled fabrics are customizable. Whether you prefer vibrant patterns or simple textures, choose textiles that suit your home d├ęcor or personal style. Your products can be personalized with links, beads, embroidery and lace. Try mixing and matching fabrics and embellishments to create a unique, personal piece.

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